FREE Online Class: Make A Bargello Needlepoint Planter

Posted on 03 August 2018

Heyyyyy stitchy people! We are SO excited today to announce the release of our latest original kit, the Brooklyn Craft Company Bargello Needlepoint Planter! Yaaaaayyyyy! 

We've been teaching a bargello class in our shop for a few years now, and we're thoroughly obsessed with this vintage stitchery technique. Y'all have been loving our Instagram photos of bargello and telling us you want to learn how to do it -- and we're 100% here for you on that! 

We are dying to teach YOU how to bargello! 


Bargello is a 60's and 70's-era needlework technique that hasn't seen the light of day in recent decades. But we LOVE it for its geometric patterns, trippy repeats, and explosions of color -- not to mention it's super fast to do and easy to learn.

Bargello is a GREAT craft for anyone who loves embroidery, yarn crafts, 70's fiber arts, or color. Traditionally bargello was used most often to make decorative pillows and the like, but here at Brooklyn Craft Company we've been working on some updated bargello projects that put a more modern spin on this amazing craft. 


And so in that spirit, we're excited to share our first bargello kit with you! 

We know most people are not familiar with this technique, but don't worry -- we've got your back! We filmed a lil' online class to teach you how to make our Bargello Needlepoint Planter from start to finish. 


This FREE 23-minute video class will teach you all the bargello basics, as well as take you through the steps of making this planter from start to finish. So just click above to check it out, and get ready to become bargello-obsessed! 


Want to snag a bargello kit and try this fun project? Click below! 


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  • Jane: January 25, 2024

    Bargello was first done around the 13-14th centuries for making large tapestries to hang on the inside of castle walls for warmth. Thru the ages and other eras it was used for furniture, seats & stool coverings as well as cushions. In the 1920’s (& maybe earlier) for ‘carpet bags’ and rugs of all kinds.
    It was not a product of the 1950-60’s – that was a revival of it.

  • Venessa: January 25, 2024

    Thank you for posting this project. I started a bargello sampler years ago with an elderly friend. She has since passed and I always wondered if I would be able to pick this up again. I am going to give it a try very soon. I need a small project to keep my mind from stressing about work and start working on little projects for me
    that I enjoy. Thank you.

  • Jen: January 25, 2024

    I love this! Got my kit today and have already started working. I think the quality of the video you all shot is excellent! PLEASE do more kits and videos for those of us who aren’t in NYC.

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