• Rainbow Fabric Markers

Rainbow Fabric Markers

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Draw, doodle and color your way to ultra vibrant works of art with Tulip Fabric Markers®! Packed with rich, intense pigments, you can always count on these Fabric Markers for true color that lasts.

Easy to use for all ages, Tulip Brush Tip Fabric Markers are available in a reusable storage pouch for easy access. Tulip Brush Tips are perfect for doodling, stenciling and creating bold accents on fabrics.
All inks are nontoxic and machine washable, and do not require heat setting for permanence. Markers work on most fabrics.

  • Color: Pink, Red, Orange, Yellow Green, Blue, Purple, Brown, Gray, and Black
  • Size: 7.5in x 0.75in x 6.5in
  • Use: Fabric Markers
  • Included: 10 markers


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