• darning photo via katrinkles.com
  • darning image via katrinkles.com
  • Visible Darning & Mending with a Loom
  • Visible Darning & Mending with a Loom

Visible Darning & Mending with a Loom



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 Main photo via Katrinkles.com



Got a hole in your favorite sweater, hand knits, or other clothing items? It's all good... you can patch them up! Join us to learn beautiful, visible mending techniques using a super-handy tool: a Katrinkles Darning Loom!


This class will cover:

  • How to set up your darning loom
  • What types of fabric, thread, needles and other tools are required
  • How to warp the loom and begin weaving 
  • How create visible woven patterns to give your textiles new life!

Students may bring in clothing they'd like to mend or opt to practice the techniques on fabric scraps provided. Darning is typically used for knit materials, but works great for any clothing items! Please note, the darning loom can patch holes up to 2.5 inches.



Students are required to bring or purchase a small Katrinkles Darning Loom. A coupon code for 10% off your purchase will be emailed within 24 hours of registration-- Feel free to order online to pickup at the day of class, or swing by our shop! The 10% discount will be honored the day of class, as well.

All other materials are included in the registration fee, including specialty wool and cotton darning thread, knit fabric swatches, and more.  



DATE: Select above
CLASS LENGTH: Approximately 3 hours
LOCATION:  Brooklyn Craft Company, 165 Greenpoint Avenue (here’s where we’re located)
COST: $65; includes speciality darning thread and knit swatches. Darning Loom is NOT included in the registration fee. Pick one up at the day of class for 10% off, or order on our site in advance for store pickup. You will receive an email with a discount code within 24 hours of registering.


All class registrations are final; please view our policy for more information.



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