DIY: Boho Fringe Necklace

Posted on 14 June 2017

Recently, while gazing at our collection of rad macrame supplies in our Brooklyn store, we got the idea to turn some of those supplies into something more than a wall hanging or plant hanger... something to hang on ourselves, perhaps...?

All those brass rings, wooden beads, and natural cotton cord just seemed to be begging to become something wearable!

So we whipped up this super-easy boho fringe necklace using our tiniest brass macrame ring, one simple bead, and some cotton fringe. We could totally imagine this piece hanging on a wall in a larger scale, but we're also crazy about it hanging around our necks!

Best of all, this DIY necklace takes less than a half hour to make. Want to learn how? Turn up the Fleetwood Mac, and let's do this!



Here's what you'll need to make this necklace:

  • Size 3 crochet thread, or other thin cotton cord with a nice texture (avoid anything too stiff)
  • Thin black leather cord 
  • 2.5" brass macrame ring >> CLICK HERE TO BUY
  • Large wooden bead
  • Scissors
  • Book or piece of cardboard about 8" long
  • Optional: rotary cutter and straight edge, or masking tape


First up, let's cut some fringe and get this necklace party started! You'll need a bunch of lengths of string approximately 8" long for the fringe. An easy shortcut for doing this is to wrap the string around a book (or piece of cardboard) that's about 8" tall. Just wrap the string a bunch of times...


...Then cut the string at the top and bottom edge of the book, and voila -- you'll have a nice little stack of string pieces, ready to become fringe. 


Next, fold two pieces of cord in half and place the fold under the 2.5" brass macrame ring. Then, bring both ends of the cord over the ring and through the folded end, and pull to tighten. This is called a larks head knot.

Hello, little larks head knot!

Repeat to tie more knots until the fringe is as full as you'd like.


Next, trim the ends of the fringe into an inverted triangle (or any shape you like!). We like to use a rotary cutter and straight edge to trim fringe, but if you don't have these tools you can also use masking tape to mark off the line you'd like to cut, then trim along the tape with scissors.


Cut a length of leather cord that's your preferred length for your necklace plus several extra inches. Fold the leather cord in half and feed the folded end through the large bead, then tie the cord to the brass ring with a larks head knot.

Tighten the larks head knot below the bead, and you're done! Simply tie the leather cord to secure its ends, then trim. 

And that's it! Easiest necklace ever, right?!

If you make this project, we want to see how it turns out! Tag us @brooklyncraftcompany and #brooklyncraftcompany in your pics. 


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