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Knitting 103: Things My Grandmother Never Told Me: Problem Solving, Fixing Your Mistakes, and tips + tricks in Knitting



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Skill level requirement: Intermediate. This is NOT a learn to knit class; See below for more info. If you're a total beginner, check out our Knitting 101 Workshop.
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What happens when you mess things up in your knitting? Do you

  • Freeze and set the project aside because you don't know what to do?
  • Completely rip out your work and start over?
  • Wait until you can have a friend or teacher fix it for you?
  • Rely on google but are never sure if you're doing it right?
  • All of the above?? 

We've been there! If you've gotten the basics of knitting under your belt, but want to empower your knitting practice by learning to read your knitting and fix your own mistakes, this class is for you. We'll cover fixes for some common mistakes as well as go over some tips and tricks that will take your knitting to the next level. You'll also receive a quick survey when you register for the class, so that we will be sure to cover any knitting problems that regularly come up for you! We'll be messing around with a few swatches that you will knit prior to class as well as doing some in-class knitting. Join us to banish the fear in knitting and replace it with fun and curiosity.

What this class isn't: a time to trouble shoot specific projects that you are working on. This class is oriented around more general learning that you will then be able to apply to further projects. We will also not be covering trouble shooting in more advanced techniques like colorwork, lace, cables, and brioche to keep this class accessible for more beginner students. 

In this three hour workshop, we'll cover:

  • Dealing with dropped and added stitches
  • Learn to Tink and Frog and when to use which 
  • Gauge swatching, tensioning issues and reading patterns 
  • Problem solving purling when you should have knit/knitting when you should have purled and how to read your knitting 
  • Common issues with cast ons and binds off 
  • Joining new yarn and sewing in our ends 
  • Avoiding laddering when joining in the round 
  • Placing lifelines 
  • Your specific questions of knitting problems you've encountered!
  • And much more...

Important Note: This class requires you to complete homework (making a few small swatches and filling out a survey) before attending class. Because of this, registration will be cut off 3 days prior to class starting. 


SKILL REQUIREMENTS: This is an intermediate level knitting workshop. In order to register, you must have confidence in the following knitting skills, and have practiced them in the recent past. Due to the group nature of this workshop, we will not be able to provide instruction on the below. 

  • Knitting
  • Purling
  • Knitting in the round
  • Casting on
  • Binding off 

If you're a newbie or need a refresher on any of the above, join us for Knitting 101 and Knitting 102 to get some practice in and build your skills! Don't worry, we will offer this class again in the future so take your time skilling up so you can get the most out of this one when you're ready :-)

Materials + Tools Required 

  • 2 knit swatches still on needles (more detailed instructions will be email out prior to class) 
  • Yarn to play around with (this is a great time to use leftovers from previous projects)
  • In addition to the needles in your 2 swatches, bring 1 circular needle with a 20” cable or smaller if possible
  • A tapestry needle

Class Details

Date: select start date above 
Location: Brooklyn Craft Company, 165 Greenpoint Avenue (here’s where we’re located)
Cost: $55 includes three hours of instruction. Materials are not included. A 10% discount will be honored for all students the day of class, or feel free to swing by to shop in advance!

All class registrations are final; please view our policy for more information.

Meet Your Instructor

Kristin Parker (she/her) is a queer fiber artist currently living on Lenape/Canarsee territory in now-called Brooklyn. Her work centers around interdependence, repair, and connection. Kristin has been knitting for over 25 years and is particularly passionate about knitting socks as well as stranded color work using local fiber. She teaches knitting all over the city in both class formats as well as one-on-ones. Her writing about knitting has been published in Hudson Valley Textile Project’s publication Common Threads. Kristin is also very involved in the Fibershed movement and is co-leading the expansion of the New York Fibershed with NY Textile Lab. Though knitting is Kristin’s main squeeze she also adores spinning her own yarn, visible mending, natural dyeing, sewing, and dabbling in many other crafts. She is also an organizer with SURJ NYC, focusing on Indigenous Solidarity work. Connect with her at @kpmadethings on instagram.

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