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How to Embroider Book

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Even with zero experience, you can do embroidery! How to Embroider teaches embroidery as you would learn it sitting at your grandmother's knee. It introduces the basic tools, materials, and stitches you need to know and sprinkles in helpful tips to keep you on the right path. Best of all, instead of tedious repetition, you get to practice each new stitch by doing an easy but stylish project.

Basic, must-know stitches made easy. From basic running and outline stitches to filling and couching stitches, you'll learn them all quickly by following simple, clear diagrams. You'll also find interesting variations on basic stitches that really stand out. So, even if you've never done hand sewing before, you can add some very cool decorative stitching to cushions, curtains, shirts, and more.

Nine charming projects you can't wait to make. How to Embroider opens up an exciting world of creative possibilities. You'll learn to use fanciful stitching to put your personal touch on pillows, tea cozies, baby blankets, home accessories, and clothing. As you work your way through the book, each new technique builds on the last one until you've become more proficient. You'll also have some delightful handcrafted projects to enjoy.

Part of the popular How To series, this books weaves in a wealth of insightful information: when to use or not use an embroidery hoop and why, how to keep fabric from puckering, prevent thread from tangling, and use an old-fashioned needle threader. Whatever your needlework skills, How to Embroider deserves a place in your library. It?s packed with easy-to-understand instruction and charming projects you'll cherish.

  • Pages: 108
  • Author: Susie Johns
  • Publish Date: 09/05/2017
  • Dimensions: 8.5in x 0.2in x 10.7in
  • Softcover
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