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Eco Vita Organic Wool Thread - 407




This 100% organic non–mulesed crewel wool has been dyed using infusions of completely natural ingredients such as walnut, rhubarb, indigo and juniper.

Its even thickness and gentle twist make it perfect for hand embroidery, cross stitching, punch needle, weaving and our favorite, mending! Its fluffy quality adds softness, texture and a three-dimensional quality to needlework Crewel wool thread is used as a single strand, and cannot be divided. 

Woolmark certified, this thread has undergone rigorous testing for colorfastness including for light, washing, rubbing and sweating.

Projects can be hand washed at 30 degrees, so it’s ideal for visible mending, darning, weaving or embellishing cherished textiles.

Eco Vita 360 Thread Facts:
  • Woolmark Certified - Durable, colourfast, fade and sweat resistant
  • 100% Organic non-mulesed wool
  • 60 shades 100% natural dyes
  • Sold in 16m/17.5yd Skeins
  • Handwash at 30 degrees

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