• Heddle Expansion Pack for Darning and Mending Loom

Heddle Expansion Pack for Darning & Mending Loom Kit





The Heddle Expansion Pack is a wonderful companion to katrinkles' Darning & Mending Loom (sold separately) with three larger heddles with three teeth sizes that allow the Smaller Darning Loom to mend larger holes in a variety of yarn thicknesses.

Included in your Heddle Expansion Pack for the SMALLER Darning Loom Kit (sold separately):

  • 3 x Heddles: 5, 6, 7 teeth per inch (approximately 2.5" long)

  • 1 x 3" Sharp Metal Needle

  • 1 x 4" Wooden Tapestry Needle

Product Details:

  • Material: Domestic Cherry & Birch

  • Approximate Size: 3.25" x 3.25" x 1.25" 



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