• 20" Rigid Heddle Loom

20" Rigid Heddle Loom

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This is the loom design that started it all back in 1973!  Our SG-Series Rigid Heddle Weaving Looms remain the gold standard for rigid heddle weavers.  Every loom is carefully handcrafted from solid Cherry Wood and finished with Danish Oil. This is a great portable loom!

Each loom includes a 10 dent heddle ( 8 dent and 12 dent heddles are available separately), a pick-up stick, two shuttles, a pair of heddle blocks , and a #10 steel crochet hook for threading the heddle.  The perfect loom for any level of weaver from beginner to experienced!

For the advanced weaver interested in multiple heddle techniques, the shed blocks on our Beka SG-Series Looms easily allow for the use of multiple heddles.  You can use up to three heddles at the same time with our standard blocks.  The top & bottom positions are simply using the top & bottom of the shed block.  The benefit of our shed blocks is that you can use one heddle in the up and one in the down positions at the same time.  When the loom is warped and tension is put on the warp the heddles will stay in place. 

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Sold Out