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Introducing our new long awaited craft circle! Bring a friend and a portable fiber project or purchase materials and make new friends at the shop. Best of all, it's free! Register below to claim your spot. We can't wait to get crafty with you! 

This is not a traditional workshop, and as such there will be no instructor present. However, we all like to share our knowledge and skills. Sewing machines will not be available for use, click here to view our Open Sewing Hours!

  • May Craft Circle- 5/24: Let's Celebrate #MeMadeMay coming to a close with a little #memade fashion show at our craft circle. Come decked out in all your favorite handmade items and lets chat about our #MeMadeMay wins, challenges and insights as we craft together. 
  • Join us for Knit in Public Day 6/8 3pm-6pm @ Temkins (right next door to us) More info and registration here
  • July Craft Circle - 7/12 3:30pm-5:30pm Join us for a special addition Tour de Fleece craft circle (all crafts are welcome, but spinning is particularly encouraged :-) ) 


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Location: Brooklyn Craft Company, 165 Greenpoint Avenue (here's where we're located)
Cost: FREE

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