DIY: Spooky Macrame Wall Hanging

Posted on 12 October 2017


But that doesn't mean you need to spend the rest of the month working on elaborate DIY projects! We think quick holiday crafts are the best holiday crafts, because holidays should be all about no-stress cuteness and fun.

So to that end, we came up with an adorably spooky Halloween macrame wall hanging that's super quick and easy. We think it's the perfect way to add a little goth flair to your house for the fall season, and the best part is you can make it in about an hour! 

We love this dark beauty to hang on a door, or even to swap out with one of your regular pieces of wall decor. It makes for a subtle, spooky touch wherever you hang it -- and if you want to take it up a notch on the creepy scale, throw on a giant paper spider. Eeeeeeek!!!

PS: We shared step-by-step instructions for all the macrame techniques referenced here in a previous macrame post -- click here to check it out. If you're new to macrame, we strongly suggest using that post in conjunction with this one to learn all the knots! 

What You'll Need


To begin, cut ten 9' lengths of cord, and attach them to the dowel with the larkshead knot. (Remember to read our previous macrame post for an explanation of this and other techniques used in this project.)

Next, tie groups of four cords with a square knot. (Remember to read our previous macrame post for an explanation of this and other techniques in this project.)

Gratuitous nail polish shot!!!

For the second row of knots, leave the two outer cords unworked, and tie square knots on groups of four cords across. This will create a lattice effect, with the square knots of this row offset from the square knots of the row above.

Now for the third row, use all the cords across (including the ones that were not used on the previous row) and continue making square knots with each group of four cords. The lattice effect will continue!

Just keep on working in the lattice pattern to make as many rows as you like! We did six.

At this point, you can easily customize the pattern of your piece to create any shaping you'd like. If you're into the simple lattice look, you can stop now, or add more rows of the same. If you'd like to make a V shape like we did, simply make one less knot on each end of each row until you reach the center. You could also make a diagonal shape by decreasing along one side only. 

Whatever you choose, that's all there is to it! Display your piece on a door or wall, and add a paper or plastic spider to really vamp up the spooky web effect. 

Happy halloween! 

If you make this project, we want to see! Share your pics and tag them @brooklyncraftcompany and #brooklyncraftcompany so we can creep on your crafts! 



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