DIY: How To Fix An Ugly Succulent

Posted on 05 July 2017

If you're like us, you just can't resist a good succulent -- they are so cute and chubby when you see them in the store! And even though you already have way too many at home, you just can't resist... one... more.  

But don't you just hate it when that oh-so-cute succulent you just have to have, turns from perfectly fresh, to ugly and old, once you have it for a while? You know, like this: 

Um, yuck! We hate it when our succulents get all gangly and leggy, leaving us to wonder what we ever saw in them in the first place. 

But! There's good news. Did you know it's really easy to get an old succulent back on track and make it cute again?

If you have a succulent that gets leggy and ugly like the one above, here's what you do: 


Just cut it off its stem!! Using sharp scissors, simply snip the head of the succulent close to its base.

And, like, that's it. (You can toss the remaining stem and roots.)


Any leaves that remain on the stem, or that fall off the base of the succulent, you can save and give them new life too!


The cut succulent can be enjoyed as-is, in its just-snipped state, for up to a couple of months. During this time, you can display it around your home without putting it in a pot--just perch it anywhere it looks good! (You can mist it or give it a quick dunk in water every once in a while to keep it hydrated.)


During this time, the stem of the cut succulent will sort of scab over, and eventually tiny roots will start to sprout like the ones in this photo, which is actually of different plants, but you get the picture!


When the roots sprout, simply place the succulent on top of a fresh pot of soil. The roots will take hold in the soil, and the plant will continue to grow. How amazing is that?!


As for the leaves you saved -- you won't believe what those guys will do!! Just leave them sitting out for a few weeks, and the base of each leaf will not only sprout roots, but it will also sprout a tiny new baby succulent! Just... what is this beautiful green magic?!

Place these new babies in soil and they will continue to grow into fully formed lil' succulents.


So there you have it! A crazy-easy way to turn an ugly old succulent into a fresh new plant baby (or many plant babies). Now get out there and keep buying all the succulents because let's be honest, you need them.


If you do this DIY, we want to see! Share your pics and tag them @brooklyncraftcompany and #brooklyncraftcompany.

Happy planting!



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