• Felter's Finger Guards
  • Felter's Finger Guards

Felter's Finger Guards





Do you find that you poke yourself a lot when needle felting? Are you new to felting and worried about stabbing your fingers by accident? Then these lovely finger guards are for you!

No matter how experienced, in needle felting we all stab ourselves at one time or another. Unfortunately, some people seem to be more prone to it than others. These finger protectors are the best remedy we have found. They are imported from Germany and made of high quality leather. Thick enough to be effective, but supple enough to still allow for a good range of motion. Truly the "Goldilocks" of leather thimbles... just right!

One size fits most adults. You will receive two guards: one fits the thumb and one fits the index finger. Or move them around to other fingers if you need to.


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